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Why is 1 of my boobs a b cup and 1 a d cup?

That must be very frustrating. Id say if you can, try to lose some weight- that may even things out. Using 5 pound weights and doing pectoral excercises and some push ups (the kind on your knees is fine, nothing too strenuous) might get things flowing and even out your breast tissue as well. Really these suggestions may only make a small impact but can help. The medical community wont be much help with this sort of issue im afraid, they tend to say we dont know why and theres no cure" to that illness. I had a friend with the same issue, albiet not as big a difference between her breasts. Maybe look into a diet type or herbal selection to support your lymphatic system, as idk what else could contribute to that besides a hormonal thing. (Artichoke is a food supposedly helpful to the lymph system, leafy greens are good, etc. A google search will quickly pull up suggestions for herbs and diet changes. Please try to only buy from reputable sources.) If you look @ pictures of the lymph system in humans, the left breast/ arm are on a separate circulation from the right and rest of the body (kind of uneven really) and if you have any issues in that system you could be having fat affected in these different areas because of it. Tonsils are also apart of this system so any issues with swelling there could be a sign to work on this. The lymphatic system deals a lot with fats and is poorly understood. You might try a lymphatic drainage massage. Good luck. Hope this helps.

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