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When a B-2 bomber approaches an airspace guarded by a modern air?

Yes and no. The B-2 Spirit was constructed in such a manner, that it either: absorbed UHF or VHF Radio Waves or Refracted the UHF or VHF Radio Waves away from the receiving radar. This picture should help capture the idea: The B-2 Spirit can still be detected, although thanks to its design and integrated avionics systems, it is capable of having a small Radar Cross Section in the displayed Radar Screen. The RCS is dependent on the following: Angle of Radar Indicence. Size of target respective to the band of the illuminating Radar. The geometry and angular construction of the target, including materials used for the target. Here are the RCS of several aircraft: The problem with stealth aircraft would be the use of Low Band Radar, especially when long wave lengths are being used. The B-2 still has radiating EM (Electromagnetic current) that still flows around and within the body. Unfortunately the use of Angular construction and RAM that coats the skin isnt enough to absorb the EM Current which will easily deflect the Low Band Radio Waves back to the receiving Radar. Look at Quantam radars, I think this might help: Pablo Rolin's answer to What'll happen to F22 and F35 when a breakthrough in technology makes them visible? I hope this helps ! All the best !

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