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What is the average age of the RBI grade B officer who get selected?

The average age of people getting selected in RBI as Grade B Manager is around 25- 27yrs One of my friend got selected in RBI at the age of 24 . He never did MBA. He is an Aeronautical Engineer and was preparing for civil service exams. So many MBA graduates end up in RBI bcoz of various reasons Since they prepare for CAT and other exams , they could easily clear the first round. In the second round( Writen Part) There are management and finance related subjects which play a vital role in the selection process. In the interview , MBA graduates with banking and finance experience are encouraged believing that they would work for long time in RBI. To conclude , majority of the people who get selected as Grade B Manager in RBI is due to the above advantages. If you have the above mentioned skills or the ability to adapt urself to these skills then definitely you could also find a place in RBI. Ultimately it is about the knowledge and skill set you possess rather than the degree you hold. All the Best.

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