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Have you noticed that cops will pull over an older car, before a?

Way back when I was still with my first department, I had a sergeant tell me flatly. If you see someone driving an old, beat up car, hes probably some kind of loser. Hes probably got outstanding warrants, his car will have license or safety violations. Essentially, the guy was telling me that the person was of low moral character and a good stop that would likely result in an arrest. I thought to myself that what driving that old car told me was that the guy was poor. After the Ferguson protests, this came to light big time as it was apparent that many local municipalities were building up their coffers on fines and fees directly affecting the poor, and arresting them when they couldnt pay. Vicious circle. Guy gets a ticket, cant pay it so he doesnt go to court, gets arrested and socked with more fines and fees, gets jailed again, loses his job, etc, etc. Over and over again. Pulling over that prosperous gentleman in a Mercedes tends to be a loser for the police officer the guy is likely connected to the politics of the city, and the citation will likely be taken care of by someone higher in the chain of command.

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