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Are the protests in Hong Kong easily noticed and disruptive to?

At almost every weekend you will see petrol bombs hurled at police, shops and banks by the protesters aka terrorists. Flash mobs at different locations depending where they are directed. Sometimes several times a day at the same location. Brick pavements and barricades all dug up to block roads, thrash and burn are common scenes now. Subways, trains, buses and public facilities burned and sabotaged. We are fighting to STOP it. Below is a picture of Tsim Sha Tsui one of the tourists area in Kowloon just over the weekend. It is not pleasant at the moment no matter where. Roads, streets, transportation and shops do not recover instantly. Traffic lights, power sources, anything you name it are destroyed. Shops and transportation systems close early and some are not in full operation either because they have been damaged endless of times. If anyone wants to visit Hong Kong right now, visit at your own risks. Hong Kong will never be the same any more at least for the time being.

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