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Who has lived in both a blue state and a red state?

Born and raised outside Atlanta, GA. Lived in Charleston, SC then Roanoke VA and for the last thirty years have lived in Vermont. Cant get much more red state v. blue state than that. Anyway, Red states demand to know where you go to church, how many children you have, where you work, what you drive - and thats just in line at the grocery store. Red states also ask who you voted for, where you went to high school, and if you went to the football game last Friday - on the way to your car from the grocery store. If youre new in town, your new friend will tell you what neighborhoods to avoid and give you the phone number of the local private school so your kids dont get contaminated. When you want to get rid of stuff you advertise and have a three-day sale where you haggle over price and agonize over what sold that youve changed your mind about. Government is business friendly, individual unfriendly (unless youre white). The only people running outdoors are black people. Divorce rates are higher and they watch a lot more porn. Blue states - youll live next door to your neighbor for 20 years and trade a dozen words all together. Yet in an ice storm theyll invite you over to share the warmth of the gas stove and fireplace. Youll bring over the home-made soups in your freezer to warm over the gas stove. Youll pass the school budgets and not wince at spending $20,000/year per student. When you clean out your basement you bring it to the curb with a free sign and the stuff is gone by the end of the day. Government is employee friendly, collective friendly, but taxes you up the wazoo. Everybody has a winter sport and a summer sport because otherwise youd go stir crazy in the long winters. Divorce rates are lower because people dont get married, and rather than watch porn they do porn. Lots of sarcasm here folks (too bad I have to write that).

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