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What changes do you notice in the body with the paleo diet?

I have been doing Paleo for 2 years now. The first 2 weeks were hell. My body missed simple carbs and sugar and it reminded me every second of the day. You would not think you would crave something like bread, but walking by a bakery was pure torture. It felt like I was constantly hungry. I would eat a perfectly balanced paleo diet, and I would still feel hungry. It takes a while to get used to being full without a sugar rush. I was eating something every 2 hours. After that things started to get easier. The cravings went away, and I was able to enjoy the food a bit more. Going to a restaurant became easy, looking at the menu I would figure out exactly what to eat in a couple minutes. By month 3 nothing fit anymore. I had to replace my entire wardrobe. People started asking me have you lost some weight? I didnt lose any (I was never overweight to begin with), but I was certainly getting leaner. By month 6, I could clearly see my abs, and my moobs were gone.

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